My Biggest “A Ha” Moment…

Before, I was so addicted to making other people happy thinking it would bring me true happiness. After all, helping others brought me so much joy! However, that quickly became an addiction as I struggled to find the thing that I wanted most. A love that I truly deserved….the ability to love myself for who I was, weaknesses and all. I didn’t even realize what I had spent my whole life chasing until 3 years into my journey of breaking my People Pleasing Addiction. I thought I was just trying to get “uncomfortable” and “expand my comfort zone”. But what I was really looking for was to find myself before all of the toxic relationship marathon began, and learn to love her for all that she was, strengths and weaknesses alike.

I bought Groupon after Groupon as I struggled to find out what I liked and what I didn’t like. I started taking myself out on date nights to do things I actually enjoyed, like treating myself to dinner and a movie. Although, now I’m super picky about who I let go to the movies with me, because I actually prefer to go alone now…ha! With each adventure, and each blog post, my confidence, empowerment, and self-worth grew.

But the adventures didn’t matter if I didn’t hold myself accountable. That’s why I started the blog. I knew I wouldn’t be able to stick to even a 5 step program if there wasn’t a way to hold myself accountable. By writing about the adventures and my life experiences as I continued to grow on this journey, I was able to not only change my own life for the better, but I began changing other women’s mindset to be more positive and provided motivation to expand their own comfort zones.

But the blog didn’t seem to be enough. Mostly because I was only sharing part of my journey in reality. I was only telling part of my story, which was no better than all the lying I had done for the last several years on Facebook and being in the “best relationship ever!”….So it was time to get honest with myself. It was time to tell the truth. So the last 1/3rd of Surviving the Storm was the first time I admitted to the world that I had been in a toxic and abusive relationship. I put it at the end because I didn’t want to be labeled as a victim and gain pity. I simply wanted to let people know it was a part of my journey, but not an event that defined me. No one could truly define me but myself.

After I put those words into the universe, I was eager to see what the response would be. After the first person through my job at the time had finished reading it, I eagerly asked if it encouraged her to step outside of her comfort zone. Her response initially broke my heart after hearing her say, “No”. But it didn’t stop there. “It actually showed me how negative I have been viewing life lately, and that I’m not in a relationship worthy of myself. I’m in a relationship that I know understand I need to leave. A relationship I will walk away from later today after I get off work.”

“Whoa, “, was about all I could muster as she threw her arms around me, hugged me tightly, then walked away. This completely blew me away! I did not expect it at all, but then and there I knew that my mission of Chasing Stormi LLC would change forever. It was time to help other women like myself find self love and gratitude after leaving toxic relationships for good. It was time to do what I was clearly destined to do…share my story and inspire others to do the same.

Now I do just that! So if you’re wanting to break your people pleasing habits, find inner peace, and leave toxic relationships behind you for good, simply go to and book a call today!

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