5 Ways to Beat the “Funk”….

Help! I’ve been kidnapped! Not literally, but my badassary definitely feels like it gets kidnapped from time to time. Yes, I’m talking about the dreaded “Funk”

When you are single and in your forties, it becomes a lot harder to call your girlfriends for an emergency get together. Long gone are the days where we could drop whatever we were doing to go to our girlfriend’s need. Now there are kids, significant others, and the list of adult responsibilities that forever multiplies every time you blink! But being stuck in the “Funk” helps no one, especially you, so here’s some of my favorite tips and tricks to get yourself out.

1. Charcoal mask. Yep, the best place to start is detoxing the “Funk” out is your skin. Follow up with a moisturizing mask. Give yourself some TLC.

2. Badassary playlist. Play those songs that put the fire back in your soul. A few of my current ones are You Can’t Stop The Girl, The Comeback, Good As Hell, Sit Still Look Pretty, etc.

3. Phone a friend. Just because you can’t get together in person doesn’t mean reaching out to check in on your bff won’t lift your spirits.

4. Get out of the house. Go for a walk if the weather permits. Or go to the mall and take a couple of laps. Exercise releases those feel-good chemicals from our brains and helps rid us the doom and gloom brought on by the “Funk”.

5. End the day doing something you love. Whether you’re curling up to read a good book while petting a needy fur baby, or dancing around your livingroom rocking to your favorite 80s soundtracks, end the day giving yourself some much needed self love.

So even though people have more responsibilities as we age, like fine wine, know that doesn’t mean that the “Funk” has to win. It just means that we have to help rescue our own badassary selves a little more often so we can continue to conquer those personal storms.

If you enjoyed this free advice, you’ll LOVE my original book Surviving the Storm.

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