“Fear is Not the Boss of You” Book Review

why everyone should read this book, no matter your goals/dreams

Fear is Not the Boss of You Book Review by Jennifer Allwood

I loved how real and true this book was! Fear is Not the Boss of You really had me looking at my choices in a new light. When I was struggling to find my way, it was Jennifer’s suggestion to get off of social media for a bit that had me finding my way. Between COVID and everything else going on, I was becoming very anxious and almost couldn’t get out of bed. In an early chapter, Jennifer discusses how easy it is to spend all of your time trying to chase and follow others and do what they do. But you were uniquely designed with unique ideas, and sometimes you just have to take a break to make sure that you’re on the path you should be. Now I know that I have been called to do something greater than me, and fear paralyzed me until I read this!

You don’t have to be a business owner to appreciate the messages that are shared in this book. When I was struggling the most and trying to find my way of what I wanted to do “when I grew up” a friend shared this book with me and said I absolutely had to read it. Now, I have always battled with anxiety my entire life. It’s a part of the bipolar package, along with my ADHD. However, when I was forced into pure isolation, my anxiety took over and I couldn’t function to even survive. So I figured I had nothing to lose.

When I started this book, it was in March when Stay at Home orders were in place and you weren’t allowed to leave, minus the essentials. I followed Jennifer’s advice to help me take the baby steps I needed to function again and on my own terms. This even lead me to write my first fiction novel. A passion I had always had, but never felt quite “good enough” to give myself the title of author, and I talked myself out of it time and time again. However, after writing, publishing, and finding my voice, I picked this up yet again to finish it. Now I see a clearer path as to what I want to do and inspire others to do.

It really felt like this book came to me when I needed it most. And I read as far as I needed to push myself onto my destined path. Then, after picking it up again, it’s clear that I was meant to absorb the beginning and got the final pushes I needed to keep going and make sure I stayed on track of the path that I had started.

You will absolutely fall in love with Jennifer’s honesty, fun loving, and exceptionally large truthful heart. She tells you exactly what you need to hear, how to apply it, and how to overcome the thing that had me crying almost nightly. Thank you Jennifer! You were the push I needed to find my voice, find my feet, and find my purpose!

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