“The Twelve Dates of Christmas” Review

When it comes to dating, thirty-four-year-old Kate Turner hasn’t had much luck. She lives in the sleepy town of Blexford, Englad, that doesn’t exactly have a large pool of eligible men to choose from to begin with. However, Kate has found plenty of fulfillment in her career as a designer, and helping out her friends and family whenever they’re in need. Which tends to be often. Somewhere along the way, one of her best friends and father convince her to participate in the Twelve Dates of Christmas before she ends up with a house full of cats.

Twelve dates with twelve different men. Surely, she would be able to find true love with those numbers, right?…Only poor Kate seems to have my same luck with dating, and each one becomes more disastrous than the one before. Despite all the horrible dates, and one best date ever (if only he hadn’t been gay), they’re the least of her problems. Unfortunately, not even Kate figures out that her heart is already in love with someone else until it’s too late, and they’re already in a relationship with someone else!

If you love Hallmark Christmas movies, then this is yet another delight about the journey to find true love during a season that inspires miracles. The characters are well developed, although I think Kate is extremely laid back for the most part. I’m very jealous at her ability to let each disaster hardly phase her at all. Another small town read where everyone knows your business before it even leaves your own lips, lol! But it definitely leaves you with the feels of hopeful romance and Christmas miracles. It’s a feel good read during the cold winter.

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