Meet the Story Sharing Guru: Stormi Lewis

Meet Stormi Lewis…queen of engagement…

multi-published international paranormal thriller author, B2B content consultant-copywriter-copyeditor, former dancer and nationally certified American Sign Language interpreter, mental health advocate, moonlighting cat whisperer, current hopeless romantic-forever book obsessed

Over the course of my career, I have learned what B2B and B2C marketers want and need. I was always told I was good with words, which led to me getting my marketing and business management degrees from JCCC and Park University. I tackled mastering everything from loyalty marketing, social media, mobile, email, direct marketing, white papers, analytics, and the importance of storytelling. Before that, I had spent a decade of sharing the stories of others to the masses through yearbooks, magazines, and newspaper articles. That means YOU know you’re working with someone who “gets” the importance of sharing your story with others.

Even Lincoln Motor Company was talking about me well before meeting me, wondering why the used car data analysis was winning over the hearts within the company and outside of it. When the car dealership I was working for didn’t want to go where their new clientele was hanging out, I used my own money to join the Chambers of Commerce, went to meet and greets, got through the gatekeepers to the CEOs, and had them coming in for purchases without being in sales. That means you can relax, because I will always do what needs to be done in order to get you the greatest success.

I write content that makes you feel like you’re experiencing everything yourself in that very moment. Changing times allows me to get all parties what they desire. I’m the girl on TikTok that’s famous for unaliving booktokers in her books, with a spreadsheet of over one hundred applications and counting, because that’s what they asked for. No one understands the importance of “packaging” than an indie author who does everything herself, and is selling her tiny book famously in the UK, CAN, AUS, and Germany, with no help from a traditional publishing company. That means YOU can be certain that your content will reach the proper audience, with the best results, and without breaking the bank.

I am a friendly mix of creative, personable, and reliable, with a hint of madness to see the world extraordinarily. Some only have one strength. I am the whole package, with the ability to understand people’s thinking and feelings that drive their ultimate decisions on a level most can’t touch. It’s the blessing of being bipolar with chronic anxiety. Getting to the point and not losing people’s attention is a gift built from years of dealing with ADHD before it was acceptable to be labeled in school.

My books even carry the themes of family being more than just blood, and our loved ones truly never leave us. Even in death… That’s because I understand the importance of connection with others, and my 8 years of ASL interpreting only enhanced the importance of clarity in communication.

Enough about me...what about you? Do you own a small business and need help to get your story to convert into clients?

I would love to find out…let’s talk!