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USA Residents:

Autographed Copy of The Key

From an early age, Sophie Lee Harris was chosen to be the keeper of the key without any choice. Designed to survive anything thrown at her, it’s a challenge she’s able to keep. The only problem is, she can’t remember where she hid it after a traumatic car accident leaves her with amnesia… 
James Moore loves his best friends, Tina and Ben, like family. It’s time for their yearly trip to his parents’ house. Despite Tina’s determination to get him to settle down with a woman, it is the chance meeting with a strange girl running from a group of thugs with guns that is about to change his life forever…
Will they be able to recover her memories before the man with the cane closes in? Is the key to her survival lost forever? Together, they scramble to put the pieces in place, but time is running out, and lives are being taken. Who will be sacrificed next?…

Autographed Copy of The Protector

Which side will you choose?…
Clarice dealt with demons. Both in life and within. She seldom considered right and wrong , good and evil. She merely did as she was told, when she was told. There is a strange feeling emerging. Will she ignore it or give in? Only time will tell….
Sophie and her friends race against time, and the man with the cane, to discover what the true purpose of the key is. The line between life and death becomes even more blurred, as more lives get sacrificed in a war with the ultimate psychopath. Will Sophie survive and keep her loved ones safe? Or will she lose everything, including herself?

Dead Draw

Autographed Copy of Dead Draw

A psychopath’s blood flows through Sophie’s veins, and a darkness like no other threatens to take over her very soul. After spending most of her life running from her grandfather, Algos, the man behind the alterations she inherited from her mother, Sophie finds herself backed into a corner where fighting back is her only option. Will she be able to find the balance between the good and evil that flows through her in time to save her loved ones? Or will the darkness she’s been running from finally overtake her? Eddie was recruited against his will to track down Sophie for Algos, but the love he’s had for her all these years threatens to grow and take over. Dead loved ones, hiding in the dream realm, battle for Sophie’s life in their own world against a corrupt council of death. Yet some have powers stronger than even the dream realm can hold. Clarice battles her own demons as she’s forced to pick family over desires, and Tina holds the most critical secret of all. Will James’ love be enough to bring Sophie back to safety? Or has everyone lost in this Dead Draw?….

Autographed Copy of
The Sophie Lee Collection (USA Residents)

Get all three books autographed and mailed to you! Shipping Included!

Canadian residents:


Autographed Copies of the Sophie Lee Saga (CAN Residents)

Get autographed copies of the entire Sophie Lee Saga, and sent to you! Takes 1 week to process. Not responsible for post office delays.


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