Birth of the Legend

Birth of the Legend: Book Four of the Sophie Lee Saga

The disappearance of a college student marks the beginning of a new game, one that Algos had carefully orchestrated before his departure. Little did Claudia Hayes know that when she woke up, her life would take a twisted turn. Instead of studying psychopathic serial killers, someone enhanced her to become one – the leading lady in a sick game of chaos.

Clarice’s father gave her everything she ever wanted in death. Or so she thought. An unknown legend is awakening, and the cost of its emergence may prove too high for Clarice to bear. Now a new player has arrived to take away everything Clarice ever wanted. She must decide whether to save her niece from being consumed by evil or become second in command to her father’s greatest creation once again.

The prophecy unfolds as a raven awakens and an intruder joins the fray in the dream realm. Sophie is losing control of her gifts, Rebecca is missing, and she’s not the only one. Corbin must save the woman he’s falling in love with before she falls victim to Claudia’s plan of destruction.

People are getting taken out in shocking and mysterious ways, and their only connection is being a part of booktok. However, a secret society known only as the Guild knows the actual truth. The legend they vowed to protect has come to life, but as the Guild’s corruption threatens to consume the realms with pure evil as Claudia’s plan develops, the only hope is for the few members left to survive the ultimate battle.

Will they find the raven in time to save the realms, or will the legend they were sworn to protect destroy them? The legend is now in motion, and the only question is: Who will survive?

Trigger Warnings:

Attempted Murder
Blood & Bones
Car Accident
Child Abuse
Emotional Abuse
Gun Violence
Physical Abuse
Sexually Explicit Scenes
Psychological Warfare and Manipulation

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