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  • For our final episode of this season, we talk with Steve Galgon about his life journey that had him moving from film to a 7th grade math teacher, and the novel that was birthed in the 20 years in between. Listen in as Steven […]
  • In today's episode, we discuss his debut novel, The Wyoming Adventure, what it's like to work with family and making your author dream come true at 65 years old. Listen today as he provides his own tips and tricks for making it through the […]
  • In today's episode, I talk about a couple of my go-to resources that I use regularly on my author journey. It's not my whole list, but it is some of my favorites! And I'm not even an affiliate for any of these things, so […]
  • In today’s episode, Melina Druga shares about her honest author journey, and how she pushes through difficult times like seasonal depression in order to share her story.
  • In today's episode, Matt Juhl tells us about his author journey with The Straight Crimes, why it was important to go back and retell the story in a bigger and better way to give it justice, and tips and tricks for new authors and […]
  • In today's episode, I share what happened when the OG Storm Chaser went into hospice and my brain completely shut down with no ability to write or anything else, how I had to learn to give myself grace, dealing with a demanding client (aka […]
  • In today's episode, June Akers tells us about the children's book series that was inspired by her daughter who also helps with the illustrations, along with tips to handle anxiety, ADD, and other things that come up during your writing journey!
  • In today's episode, we talk with Brent Basham who explains how podcasting can help build relationships with your readers and grow your author career. He's providing tips and tricks on how to add it into your marketing plan, and shares his latest creations to […]
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