How I’m Surviving COVID-19

One of the biggest ways to surviving Covid-19 is adapting. By adapting, I mean coming up with a new routine to help you keep your insanity. I was originally bummed when the office stated that the clubhouse was going on lock down and I was no longer going to be able to walk to keep my back moving, but the weather eased up and since we were allowed to go outside as long as we kept our social distancing, I started walking around the apartment complex. Then I became addicted! You see…I have a job that talks and deals with Covid-19 at least 40 hours a week currently. It can be wearing to say the least. So now instead of staying in and board eating, I’m also walking around quickly on my 15 minute breaks too! The one day I didn’t walk before work I immediately regretted it, so I spent my lunch walking instead too. I even bought a fitbit so I could start tracking how far I’m actually walking!

  1. Get some exercise.

Walking helped to bring my anxiety level down, and also doubles for helping my brain clear and find some focus. Then I began to think about what I’m grateful for and listened to motivational music or speeches to make sure I start the day off right.

2. Practice gratitude with a Gratitude Journal or a Gratitude Jar.

This is helpful for making sure that you are ready for whatever is thrown your way! Then I usually eat something light and get on the phones for work. Like I said, I’ve found myself walking on my short breaks and spending my lunch break watching Ellen or the Graham Norton Show on Facebook live just to give my head a mental break.

3. If working from home, take breaks and decompress.

Watch funny clips on your breaks and laugh until you cry! Laughter is after all always the best medicine. Once I’m done with work I usually celebrate with a little dancing. Mostly because I can become overwhelmed with extra energy at the excitement of not dealing with negativity anymore. Then I continue to decompress by watching my favorite tv shows before bed.

4. Be sure to wind down every night before bed.

I try to never watch anything that will cause me more anxiety or stress in order to make sure I can do my best to get a full nights rest. I also use some essential oils to help me out like Lavender if I’m really wound up while listening to meditative Dauchy on YouTube as I fall asleep. Sometimes when I’m just feeling like I need some extra self love I’ll do something like a charcoal mask, color my roots or drink a light wine cooler.

5. Practice self love daily.

If you’re not doing something for yourself to recharge your batteries, then you’re no good to anyone else! So even if you have a house full or a party of one, make sure you’re giving yourself some self love. Take a bubble bath. Finally finish that book. Do something that helps you remember that you are loved and appreciated so you can go off and battle another storm!

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