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Author Stormi Lewis

Multi-published international author, Stormi Lewis, writes books that remind women over 30 that family isn’t just blood. They’re the people that come into our lives and help keep us going when we’re too tired to move. But loved ones never leave us. Even in death.

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Author Bio:

Stormi Lewis, a resident of Kansas City, MO, is a multifaceted individual who has led an extraordinary life. She has served as a cocktail server/bartender, professional ballerina/tapper/jazz and contemporary dancer, American Sign Language interpreter, business manager/marketer, and Lincoln concierge, amongst other roles.  Her diverse experiences have led to the accumulation of fascinating stories, resulting in her becoming a multi-published author in the nonfiction bibliography genre. However, a story that she created during her middle school years still demanded to be told, and thus, the Sophie Lee Saga was born. If you wish to be informed about the release of Stormi’s next book, please visit to subscribe to notifications.

Professional Bio:

Multi-published international author, Stormi Lewis, writes both nonfiction and paranormal thriller adult fiction.

She’s the author of Surviving the Storm, Fuel for the Storm, and the Sophie Lee Saga, showing that family is more than just blood, and our loved ones never truly leave us. Even in death….

After spending a lifetime with bipolar disorder, ADHD, and chronic anxiety, Stormi remains a mental health advocate, fighting to break the stigma on mental illness.

She continues to publish her own books so that the world continues to receive a rich tapestry of history, fiction, and other magical tales that touch the heart and inspire the soul.

Birth of the Legend: Book Four of the Sophie Lee Saga

TitleBirth of the Legend
Author: Stormi Lewis
Publication date: May 5th, 2023
Publisher: C.S. Press
ISBN: ebook ASIN B0C38D3LDD (ebook, $3.99), Print ISBN 979-8985699975, Library of Congress Number: 2023936605

Retail Price: $19.99
Available In: ebook | paperback | hardback
Genre: Paranormal Thriller

Let the legend begin….

A new player has arrived, and a mysterious raven (designed to save or destroy) has awaken. Booktokers are suddenly missing, and Sophie has powers she shouldn’t in the regular world that she can’t even control. Not to mention a mysterious little girl who can see intent across the realms, and an intruder hiding in the dream realm.

Will they find the raven in time? Will James be able to balance out Sophie before it’s too late? Or will this new player find a way to finish what Algos started?….

Praise for Birth of the Legend:

This is a book that keeps you guessing. Many players involved in the game that’s a foot. I really enjoyed the real world element of characters based off booktokers it added a connection piece to reading. The way characters are unalived in the book will keep you guessing and I can’t wait to read the finale to this amazing saga.

– Good Reads Review

“Fun and action packed. So many characters I didn’t know what was coming! Sophie lees story continues with a vengeance!!!”

– Good Read Review

“The story is fast paced, and of course so much death. Claudia is a bit unhinged, but so calm at the same time! She really pushes it, but I suppose the booktokers asked for it! The deaths are really creative and oh boy just read this book! I found myself yelling at the author a few times! She knows what she did! Anywhoooo. Just stop what you’re doing and read this book so we can be mad together. Also, I just wanna say that the ending was perfect!!!! I can’t wait for book 5!!!”

– Good Read Review

So many new twists to this and so much more spice! Am absolutely in love how she brought us booktokers into the story now and the different ways she kills us off! The new information getting brought in, I was in shock and on the edge of my seat the entire time! Cannot wait for the next book! Very well done!”

– Good Reads Review

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