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Author Stormi Lewis

Multi-published international author, Stormi Lewis, writes books that remind women over 30 that family isn’t just blood. They’re the people that come into our lives and help keep us going when we’re too tired to move. But loved ones never leave us. Even in death.

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Author Bio:

Stormi Lewis is your typical girl next door from Kansas City, Mo, who has lived a very extraordinary life. A dancing cocktail server/bartender, professional ballerina/tapper/jazz and contemporary dancer, American Sign Language Interpreter, business manager/marketer, Lincoln concierge, and more, who has collected stories that made her a twice published author in the nonfiction bibliography genre. But a story she had created in middle school still begged to be shared, causing the Sophie Lee Saga to be born. If you want to know when Stormi’s next book will come out, please be sure to go to, where you can sign up for notifications of when her next book will hit the shelves.

Professional Bio:

Multi-published international author, Stormi Lewis, writes both nonfiction and paranormal thriller adult fiction.

She’s the author of Surviving the Storm, Fuel for the Storm, and the Sophie Lee Saga, showing that family is more than just blood, and our loved ones never truly leave us. Even in death….

After spending a lifetime with bipolar disorder, ADHD, and chronic anxiety, Stormi remains a mental health advocate, fighting to break the stigma on mental illness.

She continues to publish her own books so that the world continues to receive a rich tapestry of history, fiction, and other magical tales that touch the heart and inspire the soul.

TitleDead Draw
Author: Stormi Lewis
Publication date: November 5th, 2021
Publisher: C.S. Press
ISBN: ebook ASIN B09H6D5GJ2 (ebook, $4.99), Print ISBN 978-1-7374293-9-5, Library of Congress Number: 2021917510

Retail Price: $14.99
Available In: ebook | paperback
Genre: Paranormal Thriller

Let the games begin….

A psychopath’s blood flows through Sophie’s veins, and a darkness like no other threatens to take over her very soul. Will she be able to find the balance between the good and evil that flows through her in time to save her loved ones? Or will the darkness she’s been running from finally overtake her? 

Will James’ love be enough to bring Sophie back to safety? Or has everyone lost in this Dead Draw?….

Praise for Dead Draw:

“This is my absolute favorite of the series. Amazing twists and turns throughout the book made it a fast read! While the first 2 books had me turning the page with suspense about what Sophie and her family, Dead Draw pulled out other emotions I was not expecting to find in a thriller. This story shows that you are more than your blood family and what the love of Sophie’s found family can do. I cannot wait for the next step in the journey for Sophie and her family!”

 – Good Reads Review

“I could not put this book down. From the first book “The key” I immediately felt in love with Sophie, The author writing style and fascinating plot twists! It’s a story about Love, Family & Friendship filled with thrillers and suspense. I’m obsessed and I cannot wait to read more about the other characters! I loved them all! Clarice, Corbin, Eddie, Tina, Ben & Mario. This is a MUST read! You will not regret it!”

– Good Read Review

Listen! If you want a jaw-dropping, nail biting, heart-warming page turner, then THIS BOOK IS FOR YOU/!!! This book keeps you guessing with amazing twists and turns. The imagery, the storytelling, and the characters makes this my favorite book in the series (especially since it has a very special character in it – R.I.P. to the OG!). This book deserves 10 out of 10 as does the author! Get this book y’all! I promise you won’t be disappointed!”

– Good Read Review

“I loved the first 2 books so much and this 3rd book is even more amazing.  From the first sentence,  I was drawn into the story, which continues exactly where the second one ended. I felt like I’m right there watching the story unfold. Once again I loved the characters of Sophie, James, Tina and Ben, and how they all are trying to help Sophie fight Algos. One of the best series I have read. I look forward to more stories by Stormi Lewis. Thanks so much for sharing these amazing characters and Sophie’s story with me.  I loved it so much!”

– Good Read Review

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The Key: Book One of the Sophie Lee Saga
The Protector: Book Two of the Sophie Lee Saga
Dead Draw: Book Three of the Sophie Lee Saga
The Enhancement: Book Four of the Sophie Lee Saga
Author Stormi Lewis in tut on 40th Birthday
Surviving the Storm by Author Stormi Lewis

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