Copywriting for Small Businesses

Need help to take your small business to the next level while still maintaining your personal connection with your customers? Let’s talk about how you can outsource that task to me with confidence and ease.

You have put your blood, sweat, and tears into your small business. It’s your baby. However, every baby needs help to grow into the success it will be. This is where I come in. I know exactly where you’re at, because I have been there myself. As an independent author who uses all of her marketing skills to grow her own author business, I know how hard it can be to ask for help.

You started this dream from the ground up! However, that’s exactly WHY you need me. No one understands your pain, drive, and need to succeed more than I do. I also know how important it is to be a success so you don’t get trapped in working for someone else your whole life. You had a why to start this business. Let’s use it to help you have the financial freedom to achieve it. What do you say?

What can I offer?

Website Package

Whether you are a new business, an established business, or even just needing to make some minor adjustments to your current site, you need to have your best foot forward in this busy market in order to stand out from the rest. I can analyze your current site, write results-driven copy for your website, or third-party sites, turning the casual browser into customers.

Print package

You are no stranger to trade shows, networking events, or pop-up markets. Does your printed marketing material make the same great impact that your branding, imagery and products or services do, with some exceptional, memorable copywriting? I can also help bring brand awareness with articles, case studies, testimonials, and more!

Blogs and Social Media

Product reviews, engaging interest pieces, BTS content, seasonal posts, guest blogging opportunities and more are what keep customers connected with your brand. I can write blog posts for you to up your SEO credit and authority, and we can plan out posting and social media to get you the most success.

CopyEditing Package

Spelling and grammar errors make you look unprofessional. It can also turn future customers away if the flow and syntax is off on your message. It’s impossible to catch everything yourself, which is why my books have multiple set of eyes on it before I ever hit publish! Let this expert be your additional set.

Let’s be honest…you are looking at this page, because you know NOW is the time to grow your small business and make your WHY a reality. Business is being revamped because of COVID, and you can either change with it, or get left behind and eventually close.

It’s possible to do it yourself. You could download classes online and teach yourself everything I already have mastered while obtaining my bachelor’s degree in marketing, management, and international business. You could lose the hair that I have already lost from stress, frustration, and anxiety throughout my personal learning curve.

Or…you could hire someone who already is an expert, owns their own small business on the side, and understands why your business means the world to you. Who’s only goal is to help you succeed and grow? Who will be your personal cheerleader to make sure fear doesn’t stop you from achieving your goals?

Does your small business mean enough to you to let me help you succeed so you don’t have to close your doors during this time of drastic change?

Website Package

Making sure there are no gaps, broken links, or missed opportunities can be a nightmare. Especially if you don’t know what to look for. Are your pages not converting into sales? Let’s talk about your needs.

Site Content
Audit and
Page Update:
SEO and
New Page:
SEO and
Additional Services Available

print Package

Looking to grow your brand awareness? Or simply share your products and services with new prospects? Here are just a few options to get some new leads headed to your inbox. Let’s talk about your specific goals and needs in order to figure out the best route to success!

White Paper
(Special Report)
“How-to” Guide
or Tour
Press Release$500-
Additional Services Available

CopyEditing Package

Pricing for copy editing will vary per project, and will require a sample unless an add-on for a copywriting assignment. Let’s talk about what exactly you’re looking for to make sure we’re a good fit.

Basic Copy Editing: Basic Errors (ie: spelling, sentence structure, etc)
Intermediate Editing: Flow/Syntax, and mistakes

Stormi’s website analysis is spot on! She was able to find all the broken links and grammatical errors. She was even able to make suggestions on brand colors as well as letting you know what colors would clash. Thanks to Stormi, my website is a lot better!

— Shyera Mccollough

I enjoyed using Stormi Lewis’s copywriting services because it helped explain my business and what I’m trying to accomplish. I was especially pleased that it helped me reach out to more people about my services to generate more revenue. As a result of her guest post, I was able to get more subscribers and more people interested in Associates Productions. I definitely recommend her copywriting services for anyone looking to expand their business. Who needs marketing and advertising when you have Stormi Lewis’s services.

— James Humphrey Jr.

I enjoyed using Stormi Lewis’s copywriting services because she takes the time to understand the person and the business she is writing about. You will not get a canned writing, but rather a very personalized experience that you will be able to utilize over and over again. If you need write up done, Stormi is the go-to expert who I will be using again for my copywriting needs!

— Shannon Josendale

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